Sherwood Forest

An adventure like no other

20 min
Game Duration
900 sqft
Free Roam Space
7000 +
Happy Playesr

The once healthy Sherwood Forest has been cast a dark shadow. An evil being has manipulated the creatures of the forest into doing its bidding. The obelisk that has protected the forest for centuries is now being attacked by the very creatures it has been protecting. Will you be the brave souls to save Sherwood Forest?

An Adventure you will never forget

Be the Hero you Choose

In the world of Dragonfire, you choose who you will become. Warrior, Magician or Archer, who will you be?

Mind blowing immersion

Close your eyes, imagine sailing on a pirate ship in an endless ocean with your assembled team. Now open your eyes, you are there!

Fight To Survive

Come face to face with a dragon. Give it everything you have, but will you survive?

Are you ready?